Install Granite Countertops in Vaughan Homes for a Touch of Class

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How Do I Get Granite Countertops in Vaughan?

Getting granite countertops in Vaughan for your home or business renovation project is as easy as three simple steps.

  • Step One – First, visit a reputable, experienced importer and distributor of granite. You know you’ve found just the right business if they can offer decades worth of experience and three locations across Ontario, including one in Vaughan.
  • Step Two – Visit the showroom and select the perfect granite or granite slab for you countertops. Better retailers offer over 300 types of stone for you to choose from.
  • Step Three – Arrange for delivery. Whether you live in Vaughan or are merely shopping there for convenience, the best importer and distributor can offer the largest fleet of trucks in the industry to ensure prompt and secure delivery anywhere in Ontario.

Why Are Granite Countertops a Wise Choice?

Simply put, granite countertops are an investment, and not just financially. In addition to investing money to improve the look and feel of your home or business, you will also be investing time to select the right stone. Granite is a solid investment, especially when utilized as a material for counters, because it offers many benefits in addition to the instant beautification of space.

What Are the Benefits of Purchasing Granite Or Granite Slabs for Your Counter?

Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing granite or granite slabs as the material for your countertops is the long-lasting durability of this natural stone. Granite is extremely tough and resilient, usually needing machine-powered tools to work with it. This tough-as-nails material will serve you well for many years by resisting any and all scratches which would have resulted from wayward knives, abrasive serving dishes, or well-meaning but inappropriately adventurous family pets. It is also fully heat resistant, meaning that should you place a hot dish on it by accident, there is no concern that it will damage or discolour your investment. A lower upfront cost doesn't really save much money if the product has to be replaced every few years. Granite does come at a slightly higher cost than some other less durable materials, but in the long run, when compared with cheaper materials, granite will continue to shine for decades.

What Colours of Granite Are Available for Purchase in Vaughan?

As mentioned, if you visit an importer and distributor that can offer over 300 choices of stone variety, then your colour options are vast, bordering on infinite. When selecting granite or granite slabs for your countertop, the colours available depend on where in the world the granite had been quarried. It is not at all uncommon to see granite come in shades ranging from slate, to green, and even off-white. One of the other fun, aesthetic benefits is the presence of tiny micro crystals within the stone, which brilliantly captures the light and allows the stone to look different depending on the time of day and the quality of light that hits it. Natural light and florescent light could provide two completely different looks!
Selecting just the right granite for your countertops can be made easy with a Vaughan importer and distributor. Call, email or visit a showroom today to discover your perfect countertops.